November 5th, 2015

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Hire Qualified Licensed Electricians


Electrical wiring installations and repairs require someone with expert knowledge to ensure there is no risk of problems from occurring in a home, business or industrial setting. Licensed electricians understand the right way to deal with all electrical needs and issues regardless how minor or major they might be for a property owner or manager. Learn the five main reasons this statement is true in the following facts.

1. Professional Quality

Only licensed electrical experts will provide you with a professional level of work to address your needs. Regardless of the task that they perform for you, they will perform it in the proper manner. Ask for references from previous clients, as most reputable electricians will be able to provide them.

2. All Work According to Local Building Codes

Local building codes govern the electrical wiring in houses, industrial and commercial establishments. All wiring must meet or exceed the standards set in these codes to ensure that the structure will get approval, especially in a new construction or extension onto the structure. The codes are there to ensure the safety of the wiring to ward off the high risk of fire due to inadequate wiring.

3. They Are Licensed and Insured

Local authorities require all legitimate electricians to be licensed properly to be in business. In addition, they need to carry full insurance in case of any accidents. Ask of proof of both to ensure the electrician you hire is reputable.

4. A Wide Assortment of Services

Licensed electricians offer a wide assortment of services beyond the usual electrical wiring and repairs. Commercial and industrial services include motor controls, telecommunication system, voice and data cabling, phase monitoring, air compressors and other services to fit the needs of the specific business. Residential services include new construction, interior and exterior lighting, power circuits and outlets, exhaust fans, smoke alarms, TV antennas, split-system air conditioners, voice and data cabling, telecommunication setups and more.

5. Experience with Unusual Situations

Electricians with the right licensing have experience with unusual situations that call for their expertise. For this reason, they can provide quality work even under difficult conditions where amateur electricians would fail miserably. Residential customers may not present this type of challenging situations, but commercial and industrial buildings might have non-traditional situations that call for a specific expertise to address them correctly.

Aktiv Electrical provides clients in the Sydney, Parramatta, Blacktown, Seven Hills, Baulkham Hills, North Shore and Castel Hill with licensed electricians to address their needs. If you do not see your particular need in the information above, ask to learn if we can address it for you. We look forward to meeting with you soon.

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