December 8th, 2015

Tips in Getting the Best Electrical Contractors for Construction Projects


Every self-respecting electrical contractor has experience in a number of areas, and those areas are typically dominated by scale. A residential electrician works on homes large and small, and delivers expert work services to apartment complexes. A commercial contractor knows all about store fronts and shopping malls. Electrical contractors for construction projects are a special breed among these professionals, but is the massive scale of such work the only guiding factor to consider when choosing a construction site candidate?

Starting Tips for Getting the Best Electrical Contractors for Construction Projects

Making a conscious effort to start at the beginning is always a good move. Electrical teams begin work as soon as the work site is carved out of the raw dirt. There’s work on medium voltage equipment to be done, work that hooks up the electrical distribution system to local transformers. And, before even this level of electrical aptitude is called upon, there’s another task to take care of. Does the electrical worker even have the necessary training to work within such a risk-prone setting? It depends on the country, but many nations demand a set level of experience before someone can set foot on a construction site. Training schemes and regulations take care of this aspect, meaning trade organizations will typically ask for a special trade card before the contractor can enter this hazardous area.

Multidisciplinary Prioritization in Construction Work

The completion of a formal training course and the issuance of a competency-based card is an essential part of the process, but such assessments only tell part of the story. Ensure the short list of possible candidates has earned a place in the industry. The company in question will be knowledgeable in all elements of construction work, including the at-height duties that take place on towering scaffolding structures. Does the company use their own scaffolding or hire from a third-party? The third-party option may complicate insurance issues and slow down the erection of the structure. Next, what about state-mandated safety regulations? Many dangers hide on a construction site, and the best electrical team member should always come armed with the competence to deal with these danger zones.

Electrical contractors for construction projects are either specialists or generalists. Both companies are perfectly suited for the work, although the specialist does only work in this single setting. That’s wonderful if further contracts will involve more large-scale duties, but perhaps not so groovy if versatility is a desired attribute. Opt for multi-disciplinarian characteristics if possible, but ensure construction work represents a key chunk of the teams past work record. Finally, talk to management and crew members to gauge these abilities. Ask for past experience in different voltage transmission networks, different types of wiring, and evaluate electrical experience against mandatory construction site competency.

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