September 23rd, 2015

Industrial Power Tools and Equipment Repair Services in New South Wales


An industrial power tool isn’t so different from its domestic sibling. They both cut and drill, shaping wood and boring metal. But industrial models are infused with more muscle, power that can cut on a larger scale. Equipment repair services for heavy-duty gear therefore takes a special set of knowledge to keep high-performance gear working properly. First of all, the housing for the larger power tool is more robust. It takes larger repair tools and more effort to dismantle. This is a casing that’s built to withstand punishment, to shield the innards of the tool from impact and liquids. An extra layer of weatherproofing provided by extra-wide flanges and a solid fastening mechanism defines such equipment.

The next factor that raises the game in an industrial environment is scale. Industrial power tools can assume a certain element of portability, but don’t be surprised if the equipment takes on a larger profile. Tabletop cutting saws with special guard mechanisms can cover a workshop floor. The machinery is accompanied by presses and multi-axis drilling gear. The electrics in this class of tools can be as simple as an ON/OFF switch or as complex as a dedicated remote control, one that’s guided by complicated feedback systems and computers. In fact, knowledge of basic electrics is no longer enough in this setting. Three-phase electricity enters the scene to provide greater torque and drive larger motors. As a result of this increase in voltage and current, equipment repair services depend on knowledge of motor starting techniques and control circuitry. We can illustrate this requirement with an explanation of the electromagnetic contactor, a special switch that’s accepted worldwide as a control mechanism for industrial tools. A STAR/DELTA configuration is the popular means of managing the motors within industrial power tools. This is a difficult principle to explain in a few passages, but the terminology alludes to three-phase electrical supplies and the ability to manipulate the energy provided by three lines of electricity.

Equipment repair services in an industrial complex are filled with such heavy-duty examples. More power and more lines of power equals more torque. Larger, tougher housings create accessibility issues, and safety is a much bigger concern when such hazardous machinery is being across a workshop. Household appliance repair is an important discipline for any electrical contractor, but industrial power tools take this knowledge to the next level, even incorporating electrically managed compressors into the mix, devices that add pneumatic and hydraulic-powered tools.

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