September 1st, 2015

Industrial Electrical Installation by Aktiv Electrical: Your Guide to a Safe Work Environment


Electrical hazards cause hundreds of electrocutions and thousands of injuries in the workplace every year. And for the most part, the majority of deaths caused by electric shock and accidents on the workplace can be drastically reduced.

In addition, electrical hazards are inexplicably fatal and highly expensive for both small and large businesses. However, with initial electrical installation and precautions, these fatal hazards can be minimalized and avoided. Here is a basic guide to a safe work environment:

Misapplication of Equipment

It is imperative that all electrical equipment be used and installed according to standards and as instructed by the manufacturer. For instance, a box or window fan designed for household use should not be used for industrial purposes. This is because home designed products are not intended for continual use and are generally not grounded. An ungrounded unit has a high potential for an electrical fire.

Also, electrical equipment needs to be used accordingly. For example, a unit designed for indoors should never be used outside. Indoor electrical equipment is typically not weather or water proof. And when you mix water with electrical units you are bound to have major electrical issues such as electrical shock and outages.

Protecting Live Electrical Parts

Unguarded electrical units can cause a critical electrocution hazard. For instance, common issues in industrial environments include unguarded devices such as circuit breakers, exposed electrical wiring and unshielded lighting.

Reverse Polarity

Reverse polarity is a serious electrical hazard. It occurs when the neutral and hot wires are reversed. This can happened with outlets, switches and any electrical equipment. Prime examples include equipment not shutting off when the power switch is released. Also, equipment can start the moment the power cord is plugged in.

To safeguard against reverse polarity, it is always advisable to hire an experienced electrician for electrical installation. As well, a professional can test and verify that devices and receptacles are wired correctly.

Ungrounded Equipment

One of the biggest electrical hazards on the workforce is ungrounded equipment. Oftentimes equipment such as a microwave, printer, personal computer (PC) or industrial equipment like a saw is not grounded properly. If the metal of an electrical unit becomes energized, the moment someone touches it there is a potential for electrical shock or electrocution. Proper grounding helps prevent electrical fires and safeguards people from electrocution.

To ensure that all equipment is grounded properly, it is best to contact a profession electrician to make sure the work environment is safe. Equipment that requires grounding includes air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, hand and power tools, motors and PC’s to protect them from power surges. A professional electrician will know if a device needs grounding.

Cables and Flexible Electrical Cords

Although flexible electrical cords like extension cords may be necessary in the workplace, they can be a hazard. In truth, flexible electrical cords should only be temporary. There are arrays of issues that can be quite unsafe. Flexible electrical cords are easily damaged by window and door edges, they need grounded, are easily strained causing conductors to loosen and when they are wet it can cause electrical currents to leak to the equipment grounding conductor.

For solutions to proper flexible electrical cord insulation and reducing or eliminating unnecessary cords or cables, contact a qualified electrician.

Solutions to a Safer Workplace

Proper electrical installation practices are extremely important for optimum safety in the workplace. In truth, it is vital that all electrical installations at least meet or exceed all standards and regulations.

For solutions to a safer workplace and to ensure that all electrical units and devices are installed properly contact Aktiv Electrical. We have highly qualified licensed electricians, offering a wide range of industrial and commercial electrical installation and repair services.

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