October 22nd, 2015

Cost Considerations in Appliance Repair versus Buying a New One


The majority of appliances have an average lifespan of 10-20 years, depending on the device. Unfortunately, all appliances eventually break down. Unless by chance an appliance ceases to function properly during the warranty period, you are forced with deciding to have appliance repair or to buy a new one.

Deciding whether to fix a broken unit or opt for a new one can oftentimes feel like an expensive speculation. While the age of a device plays an important factor in deciding, age should never be the only criteria. Past service history and the appliance’s overall condition are of major importance.

However, there are exceptions to the rule. The age of an air conditioner, refrigerator and freezer is a large factor that needs consideration. For instance, a 15 year old refrigerator will generally consume more energy than a new one. But then again, a 5 year old refrigerator is usually worth appliance repair.

Older Devices are Typically Made Better: Today, most appliances are made with plastics and cheaper metal. Earlier made devices were made with superior metals and materials. In truth, older models are generally built to last and worth the cost of repairing. By and large, older devices are made better than newer ones. The exception is that some newer appliances have maximum energy efficiency.

Initial Costs are Lower: Appliance repairs are a lot less expensive than buying a new device. Spending a few dollars compared to thousands is a lot more cost effective. As well, repairs can extend the life of your appliance for many years.

Newer Machines have Complex Computer Technology: Today’s devices oftentimes overheat and experience other unforeseen problems. The modern appliance cannot be treated in the same way as an older device. For instance, most new washing machines should never be opened while they are running; otherwise you may burn the motors. Old machines are more resilient and not affected when you open the door while it is operating. In addition, repairing computerized appliances will always cost more to fix than simpler models.

Motherboards are Easily Damaged: Computerized appliances have motherboards that can be easily damaged or destroyed. Even when an appliance is not in use, a computerized device can be impaired. For example, a power surge or a drop in voltage in an electrical power supply system can harm the motherboard of a modern appliance. The voltage can short circuit the system or completely destroy the motherboard beyond repair. Without surge protectors that need replaced every two years, all modern appliances are at risk.

The Solution May be Simple: Sometimes repairs are simple fixes like filters needing cleaned or a loose wire. Minor appliance repair is a lot cheaper than buying a new device.

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