August 4th, 2015

Appliance and Electrical Trouble: Aktiv Electrical Is Ready to Help You!


Your home is comprised of a complex and interconnected electrical wiring system, most of which is hidden within the walls. And to locate any electrical or appliance trouble is not an easy chore. One way or another, the problem and main cause needs to be located. For if an electrical issue continues, potential home and safety hazards are tenfold. In fact, every year electrical accidents kill over a thousand people and more than ten thousand serious injuries. As well, most home fires are due to electrical failure or malfunction.

To greatly reduce electrical fires and injuries in your home you need to keep your electrical system well maintained and up to date. Always call a qualified electrician when you suspect a problem. And by all means, never wait to resolve an electrical issue. For ultimate safety, here a few things to look out for:

Electrical Service Capacity

As your household grows in size your electrical power needs also increase. When there are more people, appliances and electrical devices, your power needs expand. This is why it is important to make sure your electrical circuit breaker can handle the load. If you have added more lighting, extra rooms or additional electronic devices then you most likely need to upgrade your service panel. In fact, by adding extra outlets and lighting to existing circuit breakers, it can cause circuit overloads and trip the breaker.

A qualified electrical company such Aktiv Electrical, can help define the amount of load your panel currently has. As well, Aktiv Electrical can determine if you need to upgrade and what size of panel will best suit your needs.

Lighting and Switch Hazards

If your lights flicker or the switches seem hot to the touch, then it is a problem that needs to be dealt with promptly. Also, popping sounds in the switches can indicate that there is a loose electrical connection. If a switch is hot then the circuit may be carrying too big a load. In addition, switches that are improperly grounded can greatly increase electrical shock and fires.

When it comes to lighting and switch problems, Aktiv Electrical has the expertise. They will check to see if your lighting and appliances are properly grounded, locate bad electrical connections and make sure the switches have the proper amps for the device.

Electronic Devices and Appliances

Sometimes an appliance or electronic device can give you a “jolt” when it is touched. Electrical shocks are generally caused by improper grounding or an electrical short in the appliance or device. To determine the cause it is best to call a specialist. With Aktiv Electrical, our experienced electricians can determine the cause plus update the wiring or device in your home.

Other Appliance and Electrical Trouble

A home or business can have other appliance and electrical trouble such as circuit breaker trips, fuses blowing out, weak outlets and receptacles and ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI’s) issues.

Whether the problem is simple or complex, Aktiv Electrical offers professional workmanship and the highest level of service to keep you safe.

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